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CADA 的使命是通過教育、宣傳和庇護所為家庭暴力和性暴力的受害者提供安全和支持。


We recognize that relationship abuse and sexual violence intersect with all other forms of oppression and we must work to address all forms of power and control.


We believe that inclusive and safe communities are essential for the safety and well-being of all people. We strive to create safe and healthy communities through collaboration and connection.


We believe that survivors are the experts in their own lives. We partner with and center the experiences of survivors to address relationship abuse and sexual violence.


We honor our responsibility as caretakers for the trust built in our relationship with those we serve. We believe this includes being caretakers of our resources, our community, and land.


We uphold the humanity of all by recognizing everyone’s complex identity and experiences as a whole person.


CADA 是作為一個草根合作組織成立的,它源於幾位活躍在受虐婦女運動中的當地婦女的努力。 1979 年,CADA 的創始人簽署了公司章程,目標是為曼凱托地區的家庭暴力受害者提供安全。 1981 年,由於我們社區的支持和資助,第一個 CADA 庇護所的大門打開了。

在整個 1990 年代,隨著該地區隨著服務需求的增長而增長,CADA 擴展到整個地區。 1997 年,CADA 建造了一個新的庇護所,使我們能夠為社區中更多的受害者和倖存者提供服務。

今天,CADA 在明尼蘇達州中南部的九個縣地區提供服務。我們有七個宣傳辦公室、兩個讓我保持安全的位置和一個緊急安全庇護所,一次最多可容納 22 名婦女和兒童。

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